A letter from our president

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My name is Riley Stewart and I am the Chapter President of Alpha Phi at the University of Northern Iowa.  I am currently a senior and I am studying Social Work. When I was a sophomore, I went through primary recruitment and immediately fell in love with Alpha Phi and all of the women that I met.  We have so many talented and strong young women who have helped shape our chapter into what it is today. I am so grateful to be apart of this wonderful organization and to have met the people that I have. I have made forever best friends, and will always have a strong support system to lean back upon.


I encourage you to explore our website to learn a little bit more about what Alpha Phi at the University of Northern Iowa is all about.  By clicking on the philanthropy tab you will get an understanding of how we raise money to support the Alpha Phi Foundation. The Alpha Phi Foundation does many things, but among the most important is donating money for research of women's heart health.  We put on many events during the year to raise money for our philanthropy, which is shown under the philanthropy tab. All of our members work very hard to make these events successful and raise the most amount of money that we can in order to help the research or women’s heart health.


Thank you for visiting our website! If you need to contact me for any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!  My email is stewarag@uni.edu

Alpha phi recruitment video

Alpha phi recruitment video

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